Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haiku, too?

Wow, Saturday already. I was going to try and stay ahead of the trend on this one:

Happy to cheer on
my Alma Mater to be.
Let's go Utah Utes!

Although not needed,
I purchased a new cell phone.
Will it survive wear?

Messages in space?
Everything's amazing,
Nobody's happy

And if your thirst for haiku is not yet satiated, I've discovered Twitter Haiku. As MLBee said, "I say its pure fun/Perhaps its more a challenge/It's twitter haiku!".

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A funny occurrence after posting today

So after slaughtering massive hoards of Nazi zombie's, I checked my email and had received the following from Steep and Cheap, and found it relatable:

One of my friends sends me e-mails every couple days to let me know that he's posted new items to his blog. It's like, hey man, the whole point of having a blog is so that you don't have to e-mail me with news all the time. It makes it easier to ignore what's going on with you in one convenient place. I've read that an average blog gets one reader, which makes sense. After all, some blogs have hundreds of thousands of readers, so there must be hundreds of thousands of blogs with no readers.

Awesome. Just awesome.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The premise of the argument

I think I already have a post with the same title, but I like the way it sounds.

Statement the first - I am typing this entire post in Dvorak keyboard layout. While I've gotten somewhat faster with Dvorak, it is still belaboringly slow. Also, please forgive any spelling errors as my spellchecker is highlighting every single word as though it's all wrong. Hmm.

Statement of purpose: I really want to blog more, I liked blogging, but it's almost like I ran out of stuff to say. Therefore, I would ask that you please bear with me through some mediocre posts (which I will explain) so that I can again find my 'voice'.

With the intent to again familiarize myself with the blogging world, I've decided to adopt a semi-temporary meme for my blog: that of weekly haiku. This way, I will force myself to adapt to a short, simple form of communication that will hopefully be meaningful (for myself and the reader). I will not post in only haiku, but as I've found with twitter, if I restrict myself to a certain form, I am able to adapt to a medium, rather than expanding to meet a limitless medium, as I am now doing (blahg!). That said, I've two haiku reflective of the past few weeks of my existance. Good luck, and I hope to see you on the flip side. Of the haiku, not The Force. Ahem:

Chosen insomnia:
Nazi Zombie madness reigns
Let's go one more round

March resolution:
Feed your blog until it lives
Dead blogs surround me

So, yeah, I've been playing a lot of Nazi Zombiage. Killing Nazis WHILE killing zombies? What a winning combination! It's like the interrobang, or bacon-wrapped chocolate! Hmmm ... if you need me, I'll be in the kitchen frying up some bacon. And thinking haiku.