Saturday, November 22, 2008

Totally random, somewhat lame, completely bloggable

So for some reason a recent XKCD strip was bouncing wildly through my head today. There are times I wish I could just shut off the thinking for a while so that I could focus on whatever the heck is going on. I was so caught up in the feeling of this comic strip that I didn't realize I had the radio on low-volume static until I was already half way to work. Upon discovering this, I turned the radio OFF rather than to another station. There I was in the quiet solitude of the moments of my day thinking about eternity in a rocky desert.

But really, I think it bears some though. What would you do with eternity in a rocky desert? After giving it a days thought, I've reached some conclusions that kinda make me think. More.

In the strip the character derives modern mathematics. Perhaps given eternity in solitude I might come across this scenario. I guess since it's eternity, I would eventually come across every possible scenario (referring to the theory that in a truly infinite universe, every possible scenario is occurring at every instant somewhere in the universe). But I tend to think that I would just get stupider and stupider as the eons passed. My reasoning behind this is that I tend to forget math if I'm not constantly and consistently using it. This semester, my academic advisor recommended taking a Business Calculus course. I think I'm going to try and avoid it, because, despite taking all three semesters of Calculus, and learning how to integrate in three or more dimensions, I'm starting to forget some of the fundamental principles of Calculus. Imagine trying to remember math after not having taken a course in three or four lifetimes. No, I don't suppose that I would find myself in the same situation as the XKCD character at all, although I particularly enjoyed the strip.

So what would I do? What would be 'me' through eternity in a dessert? I think I would dig a hole. I know, really breaking the 'guy' stereotype with that one - what is this, kindergarden? Seriously, though (and this is something I've been thinking about all day), once I found that I had eternity without getting hungry or thirsty, I think digging a huge hole would be a great way to maintain sanity as long as possible. I wouldn't just start digging some random hole like I remember digging with my friends in second or third grade. I mean a Bingham Canyon Mine type project. I would start with a huge space as big as you could see, and make a 3' wide 15 degree spiraling path down as far as I could in the earth. This would serve several purposes. First and foremost, it would give me something to keep me occupied and keep from going insane. Secondly, I think it would be a great way to keep track of time - show yourself just how long you've really been there (i.e. digging at a rate of blah per day, I've probably been here blah days because the giant hole is blah deep). Thirdly, it would satiate a curiosity that I have of what's down there. And finally, I would hope to find some bedrock so that I could start my next project: building a tower into space. Hey, what goes down must come up... right... And if I didn't reach bedrock, maybe I could find out what it's like to swim in lava.

Why, what would you do?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

As long as I'm posting...

I've been wanting to do this for some time now. Just to prove that I'm not as eclectic as some people think I am, I present my last 10 iTunes purchases:

  1. Biomusicology by Ted Leo and the Pharmicists
  2. The Story by Norah Jones (from the movie she was in)
  3. Ashokan Farewell from The Civil War documentary by Ken Burns
  4. Redemption Song by Bobert Marley
  5. Just Like Heaven by Katie Melua (remix of The Cure song)
  6. Defying Gravity from Wicked
  7. Float On by Modest Mouse (I know, I should've bought this one long ago. But now I own it)
  8. Breakdown by Jack Johnson
  9. Stickshifts and Safetybelts by Cake (I can't really approve of the whole Fashion Nugget CD).
  10. Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello
See? Not eclectic at all.