Thursday, June 05, 2008

A new day

So this is life after 200 posts. Fascinating. Is it requisite for me to move to Alaska for the summer now? Perhaps.

A few thoughts. I just kicked up my MacBook in front of the TV without really anything to do. I'm actually looking up TV shows on Yahoo! to see if it's worth reaching for the remote laying 5 feet from me. Not really - Simpsons comes on at 10:35pm, but I've not watched Simpsons since... the townhome? Plus that gives me more time to listen to Death Cab on Pandora (thanks, Michelle - yeah, it rocks).

So, Jumper. Pretty good film, besides the elephant in the room that is Anakin Skywalker's acting. Didn't like the specific way that they chose to leave it open for a sequel. But cool idea. Certainly worth a George Washington to get there. As it might be to rent the Red Box.