Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wow, all that excitement.

Only to realize that post #198 was a previously saved draft of post #200. And I still have one draft that has all of the pictures that keep "Notpoo" together. So for those of you counting, that makes this the 199th published post. But it puts my counter at 200(since I deleted the draft).

Oh, and new iTunes downloads - Norah Jones "Sunshine" and "This Story". Amazing.

Posty Post 200 - Aaaawww yeah!

So, I've been working on this post for a few weeks. It's still not finished, but I just gotsta have something posted in May, or I would consider it a wildly unfruitful month. I therefore unleash this madness:

I had a post partially written out for a while as my next post. Then came the sudden realization that my thoughtless blogginess has blessed the souls of my dear readers for 199 posts. I've therefore created a list of 200 things. It started out as a list of things about me, but that only got me to 67, so I've improvised a list of random things that fit with the blog formerly known as 'Why the World Sucks: An Optimists Opinion'. Enjoy, I know I will:
  1. I have been to Little Bighorn battlefield. Have you? Didn't think so.
  2. I am a conservative, but not necessarily a Republican.
  3. My original vehicle was a navy blue '86 Dodge Ram manual pickup truck. Loved that truck - got up to 92 m.p.h. on it one night. I of course was headed downhill.
  4. 4. 8 15 16 23 42 (They honestly just moved the entire island?! WHAT THE CRAP?!)
  5. One of my favorite Thanksgiving Day foods is cheese whiz on celery - I kid you not.
  6. I frequently lied in High School about going to Warped Tour so that I didn't seem like such a pansy. I've never been to Warped Tour, although I've considered it. Really Big Fish is playing this year. Awesome.
  7. I've never kissed a girl. Well, not on the lips. Not something I entirely regret, either, but I am looking for my opportunity to get over this one.
  8. I'm beginning to realize that 200 is a lot of stuff to go over.
  9. Berry Colossal Crunch is my favorite cereal, hands down.
  10. I ate a bowl of Fruit Loops every meal on the cafeteria plan my second semester at Ricks. I hadn't been introduced to the sensation that is Berry Colossal Crunch at that point.
  11. I was probably quite under-qualified for the job I currently have, but do not consider it to be so now.
  12. The Power and The Glory was probably my favorite book read in High School English. Not that Catcher in the Rye didn't have it's moments.
  13. I've received many comments on how I look like Bill Nye the Science Guy, who rules, by the way.
  14. I only went on two dates in High School: Homecoming and Prom my senior year.
  15. I thrived on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in elementary school. I had a TMNT wristwatch.
  16. I turned blue choking on a nickel on my sister's birthday (I was probably 4 at this point). We still have the nickel somewhere.
  17. I used to wear glasses in elementary school. For about a year. Then my vision corrected itself, and I've never had corrective eyewear since. I think I'm going to do glasses rather than contacts when I need to, the thought of sticking something in my eye every morning is a little unsettling, plus I want to keep my eyes in pristine condition so that I can get Lasik.
  18. I had a car for 5 of 16 transfers of my mission. But it was kinda a pride issue not to use the car. Even now I downplay the fact that I ever used a car in my mission because it makes it sound like I had a 'cushy' mission. Excuse me for utilizing the tools that were available to being a better missionary.
  19. I currently weigh 127 lbs. I put that I weighed 126 on my drivers license when I was 16 because it was a lucky number of mine (I was, in fact, only about 118), and that has cursed my drivers license ever since.
  20. I had one crush from 6th grade all the way until I went on my mission. No idea what she's up to now. Don't care.
  21. I've never broken a bone.
  22. It was kinda exciting the first time I got stitches, just so that I can say I've had stitches.
  23. I've dusted the entire back wall of the upper balcony of the Conference Center. I know, wow.
  24. I detested choir people in high school. I still do to some extent. Oh, I might explain that I was a band geek, then that makes more sense.
  25. If I were to join any branch of the military, it would probably be the Navy. Nothing against the National Guard, Allison, I think it would just be the most fitting area for me.
  26. My one grandpa was a Marine in the South Pacific for WWII, the other a tail gunner in a B-17 Liberator that flew Ploesti, twice. Both have since passed on. I've been thinking I might name my son Oscar in honor of my paternal grandfather.
  27. Speaking of ancestry, one side of my ancestors made the guns for the North in the Civil War that probably shot at my ancestry from the South. My maternal grandfather would wear a cap of the confederate flag that stated: "Let 'er Fly", in case you're wondering which side did which.
  28. I got rejected from BYU. Twice. Even after graduating from Ricks. No biggie, I was supposed to go to the U, I realize that now.
  29. I've always been pretty amazing at computers and electronics in general. I have my generational culture to thank for that. They don't have A-D-D - they're just paying attention.
  30. The first CD I ever bought was "The Best of Glenn Miller". It's still around. Somewhere.
  31. I never saw (or remember seeing) the music video for "Thriller" until about 2004.
  32. I don't like the way I look with longer hair, either. Maybe if I had a beard. I look good with a beard. The world is just against me ever growing a beard. I would really love to.
  33. I signed up for my first email account when I was 15. The address is now defunct ( Conversely, I made my first web page when I was 13.
  34. In 9th grade, I wrote a six page dissertation on the future evolution of the cow. For fun. Lame.
  35. I've never thrown a punch, although I did whack my neighbor in the face with my school bag causing his nose to bleed. Although I fail to remember the conditions of the situation, and I regret my actions, knowing the neighbor kid, he probably deserved it. Punk.
  36. I have an unpaid late fee on my library card that's been outstanding for more than a year now. It's not big enough to go to collections, fortunately. Which they send anything $10 or over to collections. I've pretty much just stopped using my library card. Although I've considered mending the situation so that I can get in queue for the third season of 'Lost'.
  37. I don't do well in the cold.
  38. I get very ornery when I'm hungry. Worse if I'm hungry and tired. Stay away from me on fast Sunday.
  39. I like to drive down the middle of the road.
  40. I rarely put my parking break on, unless I'm driving a stick. The Dodge Ram was a stick.
  41. I'm pretty sure I was the cause of my companions bike crash that caused his wrist to break. He didn't remember the crash - he got a minor concussion and after all the pain medication the whole incident and subsequent two weeks were kinda blurry. I remember one occasion where he was starting to recall certain details of the crash, and getting them somewhat accurate. My only remarks were, "Really? That's weird." somewhat implying that things didn't go down the way he remembered them. They did.
  42. A homeless beggar once told me that the secret to getting rich was thinking about banana cream pie every night before you go to sleep. The guy was homeless, what would he know? Yet I can't get away from the crazy thought.
  43. I was one of the 80-something percent that voted not to have light rail in the Salt Lake Valley.
  44. I've often dreamed of owning a Kiwi bird as a pet, but realize that they tend to die in captivity.
  45. I'm a firm believer that $80k/year, the BMW, and a white picket fence aren't in the equation for happiness, but that finding the good in your life is.
  46. Having said that, I went to high school with a bunch of rich, smart white kids. I was one of them.
  47. I did Kindergarten in Illinois. I had my picture taken with Horace Grant and put in the local newspaper. I had no idea who Horace Grant was. My bad.
  48. Mr. Abrams was the worst teacher I've ever had, and I don't remember why. Man, I hated that guy.
  49. Crunch bars used to be my favorite candy bar. Now I can't stand the waxy cretins.
  50. I was asked this at my birthday party and would just like to confirm - I prefer brunettes over blonds, but redheads over brunettes. But then again, I'm a fan of any pretty face.
  51. I would probably live in Italy for a few years, given the chance. I really think it would be a challenge that I'd like to face.
  52. I like to reminisce on life before everyone had a cell phone. It usually makes me laugh.
  53. I've always had a brand loyalty to Nintendo ever since the 8-bit system. Which I still have in working condition, thank you.
  54. I am a Mac fan, but I try to dissuade others from buying macs. They've become trendy, but they're overpriced if you're just using them for word processing and Internet. Talk to me about Macs when you're buying Photoshop.
  55. Speaking of which, I've never really had a strong urge to buy an iPod, but it seems to me that it's one of those things you didn't know you needed to have until you have one.
  56. I've an Achilles heel for ice cream. I know, welcome to Utah right? Seriously, though, I cannot refuse ice cream if it's ever offered. I usually take those half-gallon cartons in two or three sittings.
  57. It's a little O.C.D., but I keep my cell phone, keys, and pen in my left pocket, my wallet in the right. I can tell by just putting my hand in my pocket if something is missing - three on the left, one on the right. It's actually kinda stressful for me to switch anything around, I'm quite particular aboot it.
  58. I'd like to own a Mini Cooper or a Smart car, and for some reason I've always thought that the Neon was a pretty cool car.
  59. I've come to certain realizations that if you can do with less, you don't miss having more. Once you've made a conscious limit on what you're going to have with you, it's not a huge problem that you didn't bring something with you or you threw something out. In my daydreams of me moving to Italy, all I take with me is a week's worth of cloths, a towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and I.D.
  60. I don't dance, though I've made numerous attempts to try. I even took a Salsa class at the U. I really don't remember a thing.
  61. I can be good at math, and I can self-teach math pretty quickly, but I'm horrible at remembering math. Horrible. Six years of using trigonometry, and now I couldn't tell you any of the properties.
  62. Dance Dance Revolution is an opiate for the masses. I know that's not something you didn't know about me. Fine, I believe that Dance Dance Revolution was designed to be an opiate for the masses
  63. I blog, you blog, he blogs, she blogs, it blogs, they blog, thou bloggest, we blog, blog blogs, Bob Loblaw law blogs, blog blog blahg blog blog.
  64. I've only recently started reading other sections of the newspaper, but when push comes to shove, the comics get read first. They're the only thing in Google Reader that I read as soon as they appear, which is daily.
  65. I'm now downloading the podcasts to the Dave Ramsey show. I've gotten through most of "Total Money Makeover" - great book. I mostly listen to the show as a reminder not to do anything stupid with my money.
  66. I'm excited for the Solitude disc golf course to open up again, though it's going to be a late season, ski season is going to last a while longer this year.
  67. I've learned how to use an abacus, apparently visualizing an abacus when doing math increases EEG (like a mental EKG). I don't know why, but it seems to stress me out more than anything.
  68. I get carsick really easily. Like when trying to use my laptop on a train, as I'm currently doing (as this list has been in process for about 2 weeks now. Hurl.
  69. Speaking of Hurley, I'm going to be borrowing the 'Lost' DVDs this week and get into the phenomenon.*Note: keep in mind it took me several weeks to write this post, which is why there's chronological inconsistencies. Kinda like on 'Lost'
  70. If I had to choose between a punch to the ribs or a punch to the gut, I'd choose the ribs. It's more likely that whoever is throwing the punch will get hurt. I'm guessing I'm not the only guy who's thought about this.
  71. I've tried to estimate how many times I've driven Highland Drive. Almost everyday there and back in elementary through high school, plus whatever extra-curricular activities. Anytime I drive to the U. I've estimated that it's about 5,200 times. Freak – think about that - 98th South to 215 or visa-versa about 5,200 times. Schtank.
  72. I bought my first pair of flat-front dress pants this weekend. “Worse than the conformist is he who spends his life always worried about conforming.
  73. I've only had 1 traffic violation ever - going 65 in a 50 zone. No accidents ever (well, I did take out a stop sign at the institute on a snowy day - since it's on private property there was no ticket issued), and since the officer was kind enough to lower the ticket to 59, it never went on my record (it was less than 10 m.p.h. over the limit).
  74. Dave Ramsey has given me a new outlook on my financial situation, I highly suggest “The Total Money Makeover”, and living like no one else so that later you can live like no one else.
  75. I am concerned about people who get married before they are socially adapted. It's not really an age thing, I've met plenty of mature 20 year olds and socially inept 30 year olds. It's about people who 'get it' socially. There's little hope that you'll gain sagacious social skills after you're married, there's less demanding motivation.
  76. I used to love the snow. I suppose I still do.
  77. The Incredibles is incredibles. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite movie.
  78. On one of my most recent dates, my date revealed that she is writing a novel. a) Dang, that's ambitious b) I'm pestered by a strong desire to read it.
  79. I think driving through Wyoming is more beautiful than driving through Southern Idaho or most other sparsely populated drives. I'm guessing it might be an acquired taste. I like Wyoming.
  80. Lone Peak has been calling me for the past 10 years. I'm hiking it this year. I think I might do Olympus to 'warm up'.
  81. Most of Oxnard was covered by a graffiti removal system that would clean most of the graffiti up within a week of it being down. I thought this was great, as it probably did a lot to prevent graffiti from taking place. That said, the canal was one area not touched by this program, and was showcase to some of the most amazing graffiti I've been witness to.
  82. When you do a Europe trip, skip doing a sleeper train. It's more expensive, and not comfortable enough to get a decent sleep, which you need to tour Europe. Or if you do, spend the extra €10 and get into the first-class car.
  83. My biggest pet peeve about gabachos speaking Spanish is the accent. It literally causes pain to my ears to hear a bad accent. Not to sound hypocritical, I recognize that I have an accent as well, but I stress that the hardest in my Spanish speaking.
  84. 'Magnify your calling' gets thrown around a lot at church. There's one simple way of doing that: DO YOUR CALLING. That is all, thank you.
  85. It's overcast today. I really like overcast summer days, they're rare enough to be appreciated, it wasn't windy or rainy, and puffy white clouds are cool.
  86. Puffy white clouds are cool.
  87. No matter how rich I get, I'll never own as many tools as my dad. That's something I just have to live with. How is it that he managed to have three (3) different sizes of oil filter wrenches on hand?
  88. I've always had a desire to be a culinary artist, but realize that that's not the most viable dream to have. I suppose that's why I like watching Iron Chef so much.
  89. I was sad to see the demise of CompUSA. It's like when the Radio Shack megastore (Ultimate Universe?) went under. Dang that place was awesome. But the realms of nerdom are dwindling.
  90. Some of the most interesting things I've eaten are chocolate covered crickets and iguana. The iguana was disgusting – the skin was chewy like bubble gum, and it tasted like a reptile cage smells.
  91. If at first you don't succeed, deny trying.
  92. If brute force doesn't work, you're not using enough.
  93. Chuck Norris doesn't churn butter, he round-house kicks the cow and butter comes out.
  94. Hate is a special kind of love I give to people who suck.
  95. Getonetogo.
  96. I was at the state capitol re-dedication. Pretty sweet.
  97. That's what she said.
  98. I'm tired of Salt Lake City trying to be something it's not – it's really not a major city like Denver or Las Vegas, so let's stop trying to imitate them.
  99. Psssht – Alaska ... right ...
  100. Email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email,email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email, email.
  101. Dalmatians.
  102. Wow, this thing's been in process for weeks now and I've only barely gotten half way through. This could take a while.
  103. I'd like to see the server farms Google puts up for a project on such a large scale as Blogger.
  104. Cartoon. Yeah, that's how I feel.
  105. To err is human, to really mess things up requires a computer.
  106. Why are waterfalls so intriguing?
  107. What's the deal with GrapeNuts?
  108. = 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42.
I can't believe I read the whole thing. A few times over for editing purposes. Well, I only got to 108 of 200 things, but I feel accomplished enough to press that 'Publish Post' button that's mocked me for a few weeks now.