Monday, December 31, 2007

Highlights of the year - 2007

Well, another good year. Actually, this one was pretty average, but a general improvement. While I usually try and avoid shameless self-promotion, here are the (X) great things that happened in my life in the year 2007 in the order that I think of them:
- My younger sister getting married, leaving me the last single child in our family. I'm not bitter. Shut up, no I'm not. Just kidding, I love my sister and have been so happy for all of my family this year, what a great blessing they are.
- Europe
- "Don't tase me, bro" (you gotta love "Don't tase me, bro")
- new Mac, fully loaded with (a legit copy of) Adobe Creative Suite 3: Master Collection.
- choir ... stuff (spring semester)
- facebook (no, really, I mean that. It's changed the way I socialize).
- new shoes. I get new shoes periodically, but I really like these ones, normally I just get something that's comfortable and shodable.
- Forward campaign
- new job (resulting in a new mac and new shoes)
- My first concert (yes, I'm 25 and attended my first real concert this year) with Snow Patrol headlining and Silversun Pickups and OK GO as the intro bands.
- my new pad / roomies
- The Bourne Ultimatum (I mean, come on!)

Stuff that almost made the list:
- I almost got a 4.0 this last semester. I was THIS CLOSE ><.
- I almost bought a guitar this year. I told many people that I was going to buy a guitar. But the mac got precedence. Again, I was this close. Oh, well, maybe next year.
- The two meals that almost made me cry whilst I ate : The Penne Pasta that I had at the café on the Rue Cler in Paris, and the 8 oz. steak I had at Texas Roadhouse. I'm holding back the tears just remembering them.
- Comm 1010. Wow.

That aboot does it. I blogged just over half of what I did last year, but still maintained about 4 posts a month. This sight might be up for some work soon, we'll see.