Friday, September 28, 2007

There it is again.

My last post was a little too unstructured for my liking, and I apologize. You probably couldn't care less what I was thinking. I know I couldn't. I only made it halfway through my own post.
Let me try this again:

Sometimes we stand to lose the most when we believe we've nothing to lose.

What do I have to lose? Nothing that wasn't heaven sent to begin with.

So what do I have to complain about? Well, my last post would have you believe there's a lot on my mind. But really, all my concerns were of something that was there, like my job, which I love (did I mention that I held the door open for Elder Uchtdorf and his wife today? Schweet). What concerns me most is all the nothing that I stand to lose. From wingtip to wingtip.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

And there it is.

Have you ever seen someone in deep concentration, and ask, "I wonder what he's thinking". Well, if it happens to be me you're seeing in the next little while, I'm glad to answer:
1. Grrrl.
2. Work, which mostly entails me thinking about:
A) a color scheme for the wedding show (I'm starting to see everything in color schemes now, like traffic)
B) A theme for the wedding show (I feel it lame to think that I'm spending more thought energy on this wedding show that I will be toward my own wedding, as far a schematics are concerned).
C) What I'm going to do with the website, and how much of it I'm going to do.
D) Am I being given too much at this point in time? Do I need to let my boss know that they need to step back a little.
3. School. Not so much the details, I'm just sweating the larger picture.
4. Church. I worry the most about my calling, and what we're going to be singing next. I've got nothing and only three days. I don't like to take recommendations, either, so I'm not soliciting for help here - it's something between me and The Spirit and the choir.
5. Moving - I'm moving into a new apartment with Michelle's brother this weekend. It's got me a little...beside myself.

Whoa - I'm not quite done here, but I'm going to be late for class.

Thursday, September 20, 2007 reasons why I will not learn how to play the guitar.

1. Practice. I mean, dang, it takes a lot of practice to do anything these days, and I just haven't the time. Nor do I feel it important enough (due to the ensuing reasons) to make time for it. If it were as easy to pick up as 'Guitar Hero', I'd be there like shareware.

2. Cost. I would have to buy a guitar. I mean, if I were to get into this thing, I'd have to be serious about it, and I wouldn't feel like I was serious about it until I owned a guitar. Then I could use guilt as a motivating factor. But we're looking at, what, $300.00 here? I don't even know what a good guitar costs, but I'm pretty sure of this: I can't afford a guitar. I'm just moving into a place where I'll be paying rent, I'm looking at 2k in tuition next semester, and I'm still at least 2 paychecks away from my MacBook Pro.

3. I wouldn't be able to stand being one of 'those people'. You know the type, they own the guitar because, let's face it, put a guitar in someone of the opposite sexes' hands and, well, dang. They haul it around with them and play, like, 2 chords, or they know one crappy love song ("Oooo, swoon over me 'cause I can play 'Hey There, Delila'" - *wretch*). They're out to show off the fact that they have a guitar. Which, agreed, would be a motivating factor for myself, but who knows how much longer I'll be single, then what? I'm stuck with a guitar and 2 chords for life. This would kill me softly. Plus I couldn't take the pressure of hauling the guitar around and having everyone assume you're one of 'those people'.

4. The pressure to play. Face it, if there is a guitar present in the group you're hanging out with, you've got to have a chance to play it. There's no leaving until you do. Or there's external pressure for you to play if people know that you can ("Jeremy, don't you play the guitar? Play something for us!").

4.5 (a half reason) - Fear. It keeps me from doing a lot of things. Like dating, it's kept me from going on a date for...let's see... three months now? And I love girls, so I can recognize that fear is a POWERFUL force. (I don't want to hear about it, that's not the point). The point is that I'm afraid that I'll put a whole lot of time into guitar playing and get nothing out of it. Basically, that I'll suck at playing guitar. Then there's a whole lot of time wasted on something I'll never use, I've still no date, I'm poor, and now I'm just another underdeveloped guitar player. There's already too many people who 'kinda' play the guitar due to reason #3.

That said, there's props to be awarded to those who have overcome these demotivating factors:
1. practices
2. owns a guitar
3. is not 'one of those people'
4. well, I'm not sure how you handle internal or external pressure
4.5. overcame the fear and made something of it.
Congrats, you're one of those people who keeps their guitar handy and has a reason to. My respects.

Michelle: I remembered that you mentioned that you took a semester of guitar, and how all the guys would overcome 4.5 because of reasons stated in 3. Good job, you overcame fear and practiced. Also respectable.

T.R.: Guitars are a step in the wrong direction for Tenor Sax players. Plus the imagery of a guitar-playing naturist is a bit overdone. Especially if you still have your beard. You've already earned my respect by being more T.R. than I thought that anyone could achieve.

Ash: Do you play guitar? I remember you not playing the guitar. In which case, I would have to congratulate you on fighting the same fight I do and not becoming 'one of those people'. Plus, it's hard enough for all of your male students to resist the urge to ask you out, putting a guitar in your hand could prove lethal.

Laverna: So, you've probably dabbled in just about every instrument there is. And you're a newlywed, so #3's easy to overcome. I suppose you'd have to fight the urge to not want to play guitar. Keep fighting, someday you'll want to play guitar.

Scott: Own ye a guitar? I think that might be the only place lacking since you've practiced, got the girl due directly to your ability to literally have the strings catch fire, and overcome drawbacks. If you don't own a guitar, you should get a 'guitarSTRONG' bracelet so that others will support your cause and feel your pain at not owning a guitar.

Wow, so, another long post. I'll>.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

An idea from a friend.

If aliens from outer space ever come and we show them our civilization and they make fun of it, we should say we were just kidding, that this isn't really our civilization, but a gag we hoped they would like. Then we tell them to come back in twenty years to see our REAL civilization. After that, we start a crash program of coming up with an impressive new civilization. Either that, or just shoot down the aliens
as they're waving good-bye.

Oh, and you've got to try Blogger play, it's pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just me again...

Today I will be carrying a 3x5 card. Wish me luck, I'm gunna need it.