Thursday, August 30, 2007

Game Day

The anticipation is killing me. GO UTES!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dear Senator Hatch,

My name is ______________, and I am currently a nursing student at ___________ University . I am writing in hopes to make some kind of difference in the health of our nation.

I have taken several courses that explain the immense benefits that nutritious eating has on our bodies. Eating healthy is something that I like to strive for, and I try to make wise choices in the foods that I purchase for my husband and I. Lately I have been discouraged because of the higher prices for healthier foods compared to those foods with little nutritional value. Tostino's Pizzas and Top Ramen have stayed their usual dirt cheap price, but milk, yogurt, orange juice, various fruits, and cheese have recently had a spike in their price. Since my husband and I are both students, we live off of a tighter budget. It gets harder and harder to justify buying the more expensive food, even if it is healthier. In a nation where obesity, diabetes, and heart disease run rampant (all of which are undeniably correlated with nutrition) we seem to be focused so much on health care rather than preventative care. I know there are bills out there that are asking for the government to subsidize nutritious foods. As a citizen of Utah , I ask that you, my representative, do all that you can to help lower the cost of nutritious foods. I believe that this will help solve problems related to the health care crisis are nation is running into.

While I do not know much about politics and law, I do know that this is an important issue that can be resolved with our governments help. Thank you for your time.



Sometimes I'm proudest to be my sister's brother. I never would've thought of this. And we all know the problems with obesity I face (you've all been so kind not to mention it).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why is it...

That public computers always have one gimpy leg? This really cheeses me - when you try to prop up the keyboard, someone's gone and broken off one of the feet that holds the keyboard up. I swear it's the same guy (or gal) that runs around ripping antennas off cars. Seriously, people. Only three more paychecks until my macbook, then I won't have to put up wid any of this.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is [name], call me back.

No, no reason as to why I called. Nor am I leaving a time that I'll be available for you to reach me. Rather, I'll let you play phone tag with no idea why you're calling me. I'm just leaving a message to tell you I called.

And that you need to call me back.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Might I suggest...

Today was payday. After I had noticed that 'the man' had shorted me a few bucks an hour for the hours I've been working as a graphic designer, I took it up with the corporation. So this paycheck I got bonus backpay for every hour I've worked since May. On top of that, I've been saving like crazy since I got back from Europe to recover from the costs and prepare for a tuition payment on Black Tuesday, September 4th. With the backpay, I've just passed the mark of how much I need for tuition this semester. Plus I have one more check coming that should cover books, assuming I get around to buying any this semester. They tend to be a little overrated. Long story short, I was feeling quite frivolous as I left work today. Which brings me to my recommendation:

Drive with the windows rolled down AND the A/C on full. It's quite the indulgent rush. Oh, and the comfort - mmmmm.

It's especially nice at 11:30pm, when I got off work, because the air is nice and cool. The A/C adds just the perfect kick to top it off. Of course, I had to roll my windows back up when I saw the cop parked down the street. I wasn't out to cause trouble or nothin'. I know it's not on the lawbooks, but it's one of those taboo things like drinking sprinkler water or voting for a third-party candidate that just might get you slapped with a 'disturbing the peace' fine.
Aaah, livin' easy with money to burn, there's nothing quite like it. Now would be a good time to cash in on your friendship. Just don't bother me around tuition payment time.