Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I wanna know...

Who among us flashes their headlights to warn oncoming traffic of cops checking speeding?

Friday, October 06, 2006

What a GOOD game...

I guess you just had to be there. Oh, wait, no - you could've just read aboot it. Why am I such a fan? Sure, the wins are awsome, but you're ultimately opening up yourself for heartbreak, no team wins forever (shut it, Yankees). But I still like my team, even if they are losing.
So fill your lungs
and sing it out
and shout it to the sky:
We'll fight for
Dear Ol' Crimson
for a Utah man am I.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just me again...

I wrote down an apology for someone I had in mind to apologize to. Not that I needed it, but if the opportunity presented itself, I would take advantage. It’s not like I was especially in need of their forgiveness, either – I needed more their understanding that although I might do stupid stuff at times, there is never at any time a rationalization for unacceptable actions. Somewhat preventative maintenance. While the comments for which I was asking forgiveness for weren’t necessarily unacceptable, it’s a situation I can use to better illustrate the point. I started out with the assertion that, “Although I’ve been an oaf lately…”. I could be an oaf, I’m not sure – I don’t think most oafs would be oafs if they knew that they were. I wrote it down on a napkin since no other paper was present, which is probably what contributed to its not being used. Sometimes I actually write out a script to the conversations that get played out in my mind. If I’m really determinate on what I’m going to say, it goes on a 3x5 note card that gets put in my right pocket behind my wallet. Should situation demand, the card gets pulled out and read. Less serious, but equally likely, conversations go on unlined scratch pad paper that gets folded into a neat little square and put in the left pocket. These ones never get pulled out and read – I use my right hand as my ‘gesture’ hand while I speak, so this one goes in the left pocket so that I can feel it with my left hand as an encouragement to go through with what needs to be said. As well, I’ll use this method for any situation that might require some ad-lib, so that precise phrasing isn’t as necessary as the thought that gets written down. Exact words are always the intent with the 3x5. Lastly, any scratch piece of paper sufficient for writing will do for thoughts that don’t necessarily need to be carried out, perhaps only if the ideal situation presented itself. Perhaps if I had had a 3x5 handy, said person would have received the intended apology. But the napkin got discarded unused, and a simple greeting was today’s conversation. Funny how that works. I’ve kept most of the 3x5’s I’ve used in resolving situations, or in the ‘D.T.R.’ conversations I’ve had. I think I might throw them out soon. The weirdest thing is that now seeing a 3x5 note card triggers an emotional response. Sorry, this post is a little long. Perhaps I should get to writing a 3x5 for those who endured this one.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It just kinda happened...

It's only for a month, anyhow... more to come.