Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Metaphysical geometry

For those who weren't paying attention in your high school geometery class (I'm looking at you, Soufleé), here again are the metaphysical properties of common shapes:
Point: True, or truth - unequivocally correct.

Line: Honest, social, popular

Triangle: Confident, stable, dependable, mechanical

Square: Exact, combination, unified

Pentagon: Safe

Hexagon: Divided yet equal, Yin Yang

Heptagon: Uneven, outcast

Octogon: Inclusive, fundamental

Nonagon: Unimportant, casual, lackadaisical

Decagon: Order, measured, ruled

And a few special shapes:

Star: (Depends on the number of sides, as with any polygon, but generally) Even(coupled), guided, protective (sometimes egotistical in that reguard)

Circles are conducive to the Spirit

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why I blog - part 1 (Analysis)

"The artist in his calling of interpreter creates because he must. He is so much of a voice that, for him, silence is like death" - Joseph Conrad.

From this article:
“I used to have a life before meeting you. Now I have a bloody blog.” Mike Golby

“I blogged because doing cc: world was cooler and more leveraged than doing cc: (some finite group of people). it's still like that. I literally see blogging as emailing to everybody.” Doc Searls

“I blog mostly because insomnia is more entertaining at a keyboard.” Michelle Goodrich

“Because vanity plates are too restricting and Play Dough is no longer a viable option.” Ray Sweatman

Why blog? This question has plagued morticians, phlebotomists, and philosophers since the Neanderthal first blogged about the awesome bison he just snagged. I think the answer is more in concept than reason. I perceive something about my thoughts or events in such a way that to blog about them makes them more complete. “Yeah, that’s blogworthy.” It makes ideas more livable, and thoughts more believable in retrospection. As well, it fulfills my passive need for validation (thank you, commentors). Primarily, I blog for myself - you should be aware of that. I’ve received many comments of the ‘eh?’ variety, and for the most part, I’ve no inclination to explain any of my postings. In fact, I would state that all my postings contain information sufficient enough to understand in their entirety, if only you had my perspective to examine them with.

Why I blog - part 2 (Admonition)

A word to the wise:

Perspicacity relinquishes its vibrancy in resuscitation through recitation. Experience is never secret, as it always has company in its participants; conversely not public when shared, as its participants were not in company. The infection of recitation still burns the hands of its recipients, but an obligatory dissipation abates potency. Not that I prefer the callousness of sterility (of environment, not self), but by choice I see wisdom in the inanimate, unfeeling surgical gloves. Immunization is formed not only in inoculation, but in indication (relating the foreseeable). Self, not story, is the perquisition of my perusal, whether it be found in writing or in purpose. Sweet sickness is the joy of those who isolate esoteric plagues, with reliable potency, and foreseen results. Bland, monochromatic immunity the fate of the eclectic vagabond, whether he receives it or writes it to be so.

Find that motivating power that drives you to blog, and utilize it for every post. Behind the writing lies the fingerprints of the author, which is what I think makes a good post. When you can strike your own scales that measure effective expression, then validation becomes the nectarous byproduct. I know, this makes the post seem somewhat preachy, but it’s what I’ve been thinking about.

Why I blog - part 3 (Application)

It rained again today.

It seems to be doing that with increased frequency.

Traditionally that happens when a warm front pushes the cold up against the mountains (orographic lifting).

But I guess it must happen in reverse, at times.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Baby Weekend

I apologize; the hospital was unable to provide us with a mustache for the newborn.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

3½ hours of bishopric meeting later...

"Of course cage matches work. If they didn't, they would still be in the cage."

20 minutes before the Sudafed kicks in...

So I thought that I was waaay too tired from the day's activities to bother taking any cold medication before I went to bed. Big mistake, and now insomnia will be my companion until the effects of the medication have a chance to sink in. In other news, biddy du-waaah bap be-diddly deboop du wahbap du weedle bedop du wadu du duwoowww! Hmm, that hurt my head, but now it's down from a hammering pulse to a gentle throb - I think I'll give this whole sleep thing another try. Happy Labor Day to all, and to all a good night!