Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Take your time on this one.

Summer vacation pics:

Note on the link: the video is 10 minutes long - I would suggest watching the full length of the video in your first sitting for the full effect, so make sure you have plenty of time. You won't be disappointed. No cheating!
Oh, and the video has nothing to do with the pictures. Thank you.

Monday, August 28, 2006

(friggin' awesome).

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Meh bones are achin'...

I sense a conspiracy. OK, so there's no proof, and when I Google "Pluto conspiracy" it's mostly opinion and yadda yadda about tradition and such, but somewhere along the line there's money being made. Perhaps the people who create displays for planetariums who are behind it. Perhaps its people who see future prospects in asteroid mining and feel they might run into P.R. battles with mining a planet. But for one reason or another, some 'authorities' that come out of the blue and happen to meet in the most corrupt of the OECD countries (What does the Czech Republic have to do with astronomy anyhow?), and make a decision. The decision that what has been grandfathered in as a planet suddenly ran out of insurance months and cannot be covered under the company's umbrella term as a 'planet'. Somehow it suddenly became too much for a solar system to have a 'planet' named 2003 UB313 entering into full coverage, so they changed policy. SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY, and I will continue to devote spare Google time to continued research on "Pluto conspiracy" until I get bored with it and move on. I envision the day when children will be able to sleep soundly without the fear of having their home classified as a 'dwarf planet', as if it's a sub-human relict of the real thing. Won't somebody please think of the children?!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And thus it begins again...

The amazing thing is that I signed up for the hardest class to get into just today, with school starting tomorrow. Hope ya'll the best semester yet, whether you're returning to the school scene or not - l'chaim!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Robot Pirates

Not to be confused with space pirates.
Robot Pirates:
1. Career choice programmed

2. Robothink

3. Replacement hands in stock (replacement legs apparently on back order).

4. Assimilate the village

5. Plan of attack: the one that presents the greatest efficiency

6. 01100010 01111001 01110100 01100101 01101101 01100101!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What side be ye on?

" The more I observe people, the more I return to the truth that people often fit into two catagories:
There are Vikings, and there are Pirates "
- "Captain" McMurray, former missionary companion

  1. Career choice made of necessity

  2. Groupthink

  3. No hooks for hands: you go without

  4. Burn the village

  5. Plan of attack: I smash your head open and take what I want. Hence the axe.

  1. Career choice was an option given to him

  2. Individual goals

  3. Hooks for hands if needed

  4. Take what you need. Leave the village to be plundered again.

  5. Plan of attack: be devious, backstabbing, sly, sneaky, and use trickery. Anything to avoid a frontal assult

  6. Aarrrrrr!

The fifth point is probably the easiest to use to reveal somebody's character, although at times you can be mislead. After all, there are times when a Viking needs to be sneaky, and times when a Pirate has to go in guns a' blazin'. Me? I'm a Pirate. I rarely risk more than I have to gain. Although in relationships I always try to convince myself to be a viking, since they have more confidence. Too much thinking can lead to doubt, just rush in and start smashing things. Many of my friends are Pirates, since that's who Pirates tend to get along with, but not all of them. I first was taught this principle four years ago today, and find it surprising how often I agree with my friend.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Because sometimes my nephew is too cute...

So, I came across these pictures while going all Zen on my computer files. And because you've now clicked onto my blog site, there is no choice but to look:
These are from the Oregon coast, my nephew was about 1.7 years at this point.
You see, my nephew has some genetic thing where he eats whatever he wants and is still freakishly skinny (he must get it from his Dad's side of the family, because I can't think of anyone like that in our family). Here, because he's no waist to speak of, there was problems in the baggy pants department. So it was kinda funny to see him walk three steps, have to pull his pants up, repeat. Aaah, the little gangster, hooded sweater and all.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Click on the picture for the story. I imagine these rooms would be quite disorienting.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Since everyone was seeking my approval...

A productive morning...

1. A 6:30 meeting and then two whole hours of this. I'm almost to the end of Monsters, Inc. as you can tell. I fell asleep almost at the beginning, and woke up shortly before this point.
2. I love Thursdays - they're the great average day. If you were to ask me to point out an average day in the life of jeremy, it would most likely be a Thursday.
3. Synergy - the energy gained from sinning.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Festivus for the rest of us.

"A sugary reminder"
Yes, my friends, this is my family re-using my brother's wedding cake as a birthday cake for my dad. Why five candles? They sit exactly where the plastic pillars that held the next tier up were positioned. Although this did cause some pondering: why is the cake cut at the end of the reception? Tradition should be that you have a large picture of the cake (maybe a cardboard cutout or something), and you cut the cake first so that you can feed it to all of the guests that come, rather than the select few who are left at the end after they've had their fill of chocolate eclairs and piroulenne sticks and those cocktail weenies that are swimming in the extraordinarily rich sauce. Dog-gonnit! That's how my's gunna be run.