Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well, at least it's a dry heat...

I've developed a theory that cold lemonade on a hot day (or any day) is a blessing from heaven. As such, it depleats my blessing savings with blessings that could be recieved in other ways. If only I could get online and manage my account, this wouldn't be a problem. As is, I think I'll limit myself to two glasses per sitting. Granted, an extra glass per sitting isn't much, but these things add up over time.

Exhibit B

Since one copyright violation wasn't enough, I've also decided to post Exhibit B:
This certainly isn't The Pretty Little Gentleman.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


So, since my review post two posts ago, this cartoon came out:

I think this might be the start of Lio's downfall. I don't know if the Des News community will be as forgiving. The Emperor's coming here?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You know you've been in the lab too long when...

"What are you talking about? I always sleep like this..."

Monday, July 17, 2006

Some assembly required...

So, recording foley work was pretty fun. Of course, we got in a little trouble throwing rocks on the dock, so it didn't end so well for the partner doing the sound recording:

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why the comics suck... an optimists' opinion.

I want your opinions on the comic strips you enjoy or love to hate, as well.
Note: this post is best read when accompanied with the comics section of the Deseret News that was published on Wednesday, July 12, 2006. I suggest digging it out of the trash. Good, now that you have your paper we shall go through this strip by strip.
Fox Trot: I love how the comics pages starts out with Fox Trot. Quite frankly because I think it's the comic that I get the most, as a nerd. This installment isn't very funny, which causes me to focus on the technical inaccuracies: mainly that Jason is playing mock World of Warcraft on a mock iMac. Which would not meet the system requirements for playing World of Warcraft. And knowing Jason's father, they probably don't have a high-speed internet connection, making his playing all the more improbable. We move on.
Crankshaft: Not a particulary funny strip to begin with. I do like how the characters have been aging slowly over time, so that the story somewhat progresses. I found today's installment to be quite rudimentary, but coming from Crankshaft I didn't have high expectations.
Hi & Lois: For some reason I've always used Hi & Lois as the barometer for gauging how funny the rest of the cartoons are that day. It's rarely let me down. Today was dead on: the cartoon seemed a little canned, like a re-write of some origional joke. But three cartoons in and already I sound like a pessimist. I'm just very particular when it comes to the comics page, that's all.
Rose is Rose: to speed things up, I'll just say that the punchline could be seen a mile away. I'll admit, Rose is Rose is a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine: it's uber-cheesy but it still manages to give me warm fuzzies.
Bizzaro: Very off day for Bizzaro. But it does remind me of a good quote I heard today: The athiests live by the motto that life sucks and then you die. Theists, on the other hand, have a more optimistic view: life sucks with a purpose, and then you die.
Ziggy: I think this cartoon has kept WWII rhetoric alive in our country. Perhaps Ziggy is a vetran. Might explain the whole short thing. Thought from today's installment: It would be cool if a little light that said 'Sayonara!' blinked on right before you died. Of course, not the way I'd choose to go, but as long as I'm going, not a bad choice either. Also, I don't know if it was intended, but I think that it'd be funny if the car did say 'sayonara!' because it's probably a Japanese import.
Lockhorns: I rarely read the Lockhorns. I don't mean to be overly critical or condemming, but I think it's sad that a cartoon where the couple continuously verbally abuses each other with sharp sarcasm daily is supposed to be funny. What, the spouse is just supposed to say, "Oh, you!" and forget about it? Again, I apologize to those who like reading the Lockhorns, because I don't mean to be overly critical, and I do enjoy their panel from time to time (today's installment isn't that bad), but it's a bit of a hurtful strip.
Buckles: I stopped reading Buckles about a year ago when I realized that I was half way through the same story for the 5th time. Either the dog does something stupid and overreacts and tries to hide it, or the human overreacts and later has to apologize to the dog. Wow, we're not getting too many happy responses with todays paper. I like reading the comics, really - I just think that comics aren't what they used to be.
Jumpstart: I like Jumpstart. I was a bit confuzed with today's strip, as I've not been following the story, but it's not bad.
Mother Goose & Grimm: has lost its edge. 'nuf said. Actually, I can't remember when it had much of an edge to speak of: I guess its had its moments.
Wizard of Id: has a number of strikes against it. First, I think it has lost its edge as well. Second, what time period is this supposed to be set, anyhow? There are poopsmiths a plenty, yet the king goes golfing regularly. Not a big issue, but hey. Three: this installment is about illegal immigrants, which I tend to get a little irritated with people who belittle illegal immigrants because that's who I served amongst in the mission. I'm not for illegal immigration, but it's not as black-and-white as most people make it out to be. And I don't think that there's much room for racial intolerance or belittling .
Mutts: Way too politically charged for my liking. I await the day the cat joins PETA. I like the grandfather figure that wears the suspenders, though, so I'll keep reading.
Sherman's Lagoon: Now we get to the whipped topping. Sherman's Lagoon is the best thing to ever happen to my comic reading schedual. Good heavens, the strip is hilarious. One of the oldest emails I've saved is a response from J.P. Toomey when I sent him an email praising his cartoon. It's the highlight of my reading experience, in case you can't tell. Today did not let me down. Yesterday's was funny, about how being granted the title of state fish of Hawaii would grant super powers. But I will now add "Secretary of Steak" to the vernacular. Awsome cartoon.
Pickles: I could never be angry at a comic written by a fellow Ricks College alum. Good cartoon. Although Opal annoys me, I think she plays an important role in keeping the cartoon alive: kinda like Marge - no one really likes her, but she is somewhat of necessary 'salt', if you will, to Homer's comedy. Otherwise it's just fool-heartyness without the contrast of order that makes it funny.
Baby Blues: Ahhh Baby Blues. Another great comic. Although today's installment was a little canned, I think it fits well. I think the writers of this comic have been able to keep the strip alive long beyond its forecasted expiration date, and it's still funny. I think it has it's lifelong home inside this "Mormon paper" for as long as it needs a place to dwell.
Herman: I don't like Herman, I don't think I ever will. It's the 'Doonesbury' of the Des News.
Family Circus: I think the problem with Family Circus is that it's been waaaay too long since Mr. Keane had kids in his house. A child's naïvity is only funny so many times. Then the child needs to mature, or there's problems. That's not even the whole of the problem. I don't think I know what the whole of the problem is, but Family Circus isn't funny. I think anymore that Mr. Keane is just publishing stories that his fans send in of funny stuff their kids say. That's why "Kids Say the Darndest Things" was only 30 minutes long fer cryin' out loud. It's been time to retire this strip for a while. I'd like to see Mr. Keane try to write some more mature humor for a change: he might just have a heart attack trying to shift on a paradigm.
Bliss: isn't.
Dennis the Menace: see Family Circus - same story, different shape.
F Minus: quite a funny new addition to the Des News. Today's installment is alright, I just wasn't aware that a leprechaun granted wishes.
Retail: You absolutely know that the person who writes this has worked in retail - I think that he has captured quite well the frustrations of coworkers and customers. I think it's also a great eye-opening cartoon that hopefully people will think twice about the customer service workers who are helping them. My biggest qualm recently is people who go through the checkout stand while talking on their cell phones the whole time, almost like the cashier is a machine that does it's job and you hand it cash and then you're done. I almost wanted to tip the Target cashier that was completely invisible to the person in front of me. But I just engaged in cheery chit-chat about the day and such, and I think it helped her back into existance and at least made her not see her job as such drudgery. I don't think I'll ever take a job in customer service again - people are jerks. Oh, and I think that it would be cool to be fired for carrying nunchucks to work. Of course, I've not much use for nunchucku, what will all the secret ninja moves I learned from the government and all.
Drabble: has somewhat lost its edge. This weeks installment is particularly bad. Today's is the stereotypical 'doctors are greedy' gag, not cleverly disguised at all.
Sally Forth: I'm somewhat of a Sally Forth fan. I like the addition of Faye to the lineup - she's a great 'salt' (see Pickles). Today isn't much - just progressing the story. As far as stories go, I think Sally carries them pretty well. Although I think it would help if the characters aged a little.
Spiderman: Stupid Peter Parker! You should've corrected the police scene when you had the chance! Now M.J. is going to think that you sabatoged the set because you were jealous of all the publicity she's getting, and she'll never believe that you're protecting her from the star actress. Shouldn't that have sent your Spider sense reeling? It must not be a sense that's in tune with the female mindset. You hapless, clumsy fool - you deserve the forthcoming wrath of M.J. Man, these story lines take forever to progress.
Rex Morgan, M.D.: I have never read, nor will I ever read, a whole strip of Dr. Morgan. I would like to see some credentials first - where did "Doctor" Morgan get his degree? I think the only thing that would be funny about this strip is the amount of time these artists put into drawing a 'serious' comic. If that is your real name.
Mallard Fillmore: Thank you right-wing newspaper. Mallard is somewhat of a lame duck. Today's installment is a little too right-wing for my taste. Although I do agree with the principle that the girl had the right to express her gratitude to God in her commencement address, and I think that would be appropriate. I did like Monday's comment about the A.C.L.U., how if the girl had taken the Lord's name in vain they would probably be arguing her case, not the schools. Anyhow, I don't read Fillmore in the mornings - I just need to be humored, not politically charged. I usually am able to draw upon other's energy for my own, and the comics are a source of energy for me. Fillmore is just too thought-provoking for a morning wake-up.
Lucky Cow: There's a few things I don't get about Lucky Cow, but I'm going to reserve my critquing on this one for now. I think it's rather coincidental that all of the coworkers happen to be in the same grade at the same high school. Must be a burger joint in a small town.
Pooch Cafe: Best cartoon of the day. I think I might try communing with nature the same way on my next camp out. I love Pooch Cafe. I think it's the best at continuing story lines, and it doesn't lose its good humor the whole time. I think Pooch Cafe is da' bomb.
Lio: That is one messed up little kid, what can I say? I think perhaps the absence of a maternal figure may have a bit to do with it. Today's installment is quite canned, but I've found that there's not much depth to this strip. My favorite is when the sadistic little creep covered up jars of wasps with paper mache, creating pinatas out of them. Hilarious. And sadistically twisted. This is the Tim Burton of comic strips. I loved "The Corpse Bride", by the way - nicely twisted.
Flying Mccoys: not a big fan of the McCoys, but I do like today's installment. Usually the humor is lost in the bad drawings. Panel heading: The shallow end of the pool. Guy talking: "I hate how the water messes up the part in my chest hair". Pretty funny.
Real Life: I always save this one for last - it's usually really funny. It's got good taste and is pretty poignent. An O.K. installment, I think the 2nd funniest comic I'd ever read was a Real Life, and I can't remeber the joke. I was supposed to cut it out, but forgot. The funniest being a Far Side that I've kept that I had taped to the inside of my locker all through high school: it's the one about a chicken attached to a single balloon, floating into a samuri bar. I also like the Far Side with the farmer that has a huge branding iron that says,"This cow belongs to Daryll Jones so hands off", with the cows wide-eyed in the background.
Pearls Before Swine: This strip isn't in the Deseret News, unfortunately. So I'll dictate today's strip. Mouse (as a Starbuck's attendant): How can I help you? Customer: I'll have a tall mocha-latte non-creamer dairy style decaf cappachino. Panel of blank staring. Mouse: You'll say "One regular coffee, please" or I punch you in the head. I love 'Pearls'. I eagerly await the day Des News picks it up. Perhaps I should write them a third time.
Anyhow: hope you enjoyed that jaunt through the comics. Again, best accompanied with the page of comics that I was reading. I'll keep it for a while if someone wants to borrow it. But who would want to after reading this post. The comics are the reason I get up in the morning, the rest is just passing the time before I get to get up again.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pics from vacation

"Solitude... at Snowbird"

"Snowbird Center"

Not quite Edinburgh, but a great veiw anyhow. Peruvian Gulch was closed due to the construction of a high-speed quad that will end up going THROUGH the mountain over to Mineral Basin, but we hiked Gad Valley down from the tram. More to come.