Monday, January 23, 2006


I think I have my New Years Resolutions - a whole month into the matter. May God have mercy on us all.

A thought from Microsoft

I just saw on msn a tagline for a health news article: "Guys: be late to your own funeral." I like the imagery of a whole congregation, gathered and dressed in black, sighing impatiently when suddenly the doors burst open and you run through in your finest tux. "Sorry, I got held up in traffic, you know how these roads are..." you exclaim, racing down the center aisle toward the empty coffin. You crawl in, make yourself comfortable, and promptly have a triple heart attack. Better hurry, though - the 2:00 is already on her way over, and from the looks of things, she's not too happy about you cutting in on her funeral time. Not that she's going to care in 1.5 hours. Let's just hope you remembered to write it in your palm - I'd hate for you to miss your own funeral .... bwah ha ha haaaaa!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Alphabetical...lists....of things...

If there are any suggestions on the names of famous mathemeticians that I am missing, I would like to hear them.
Albert Einstein
Descartes or D'richle
Euler or Euclid
Hawking, Stephen
Issac Newton
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Pascal or Pathagerous
von Braun, Werner

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

distractions: 1, jeremy: 0

Soooo hungry. I think it might be affecting my work:
"I'll take one of those"
nah, I'm as concentrated as ever. Quite a conundrum: free food being offered at Soupfest at 7:00, but it's only 4:17, so do I indulge and get some food from down the street? Only time will tell. Oh, and whilst I was searching for images I came across this doozy, and thought it was a great rebuttle to Creativity's 'Failure' poster:

I think that might have put me over the top - but Subway's sooo far! And it's not free...oooooooooh.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Now that you mention it...

California would be an awsome place to go to - let's do it! And if we let T.R. drive, we could get this view the whole way there:
"Oddly Familiar"
I'm sold.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Curse this feeling heart 'ere it started beating!

I've a heart Grief berieved. Doubly thrust from the celestial realm of elation; the hermit crab seeking the greater expanse of a warming carapace gets his peel peeled away in quaint unpleasantries. In repose of yesterday's regret, Pythagoras' "c squared" becomes my "because there is comfort in cowardace!". Inaction, indeed! I'd fight for yesterday's futures' lament over today's action-stemmed grief. But even I argued that Hamlet was mad, his aparations cerebral desecrations, not ethereal motivations. Thusly capsizing the mental scales of this fictional charater, I leave judged my own idealogical weight, and stand condemned. Therefore, I, as Hamlet, must relieve myself of my foreboding aprations. So, with Truth as my scalpel, I exile Grief to be a future day's companion. OUT! The mirage has dissipated; and the gilded, unripened companionships (forged from the mind) are left revealed. No longer this hermit crab's destination, I continue my perquisition - perhaps with a greater longing for that warming carapace. California, here we come! Right back where we started from!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Future's lament - today's inaction

"I regret the cowardace that overshadows my action, and lack thereof, but too scared to do anything about it" - me
Two photos today, one commercial, one philosophical:
"... wow, ... really?"

"Wait, is this real?"

It is the latter picture that I wish to address. This was taken at my cousin's reception - my reason for the trip to Wyoming. Whilst others found delight in taking pictures of, well, the important stuff like The Bride and Groom, I noticed this oddity. The image is a little unclear, it's a bowl of nice crystal (crystal usually found only at wedding receptions), filled with candied hearts (the chalk kind that have sayings on them like "Kiss Me", or "You're Sweet", or "Get married already, foul bachelor" ), and Hot Tamalies candy. The preamble of The Constitution comes to mind:
"We [the planners of my cousins' reception], in order to form a more perfect union (of candied treats), establish justice (for all candy), insure domestic tranquility (between the hearts and Tamalies), provide for the common defense (well, they all end up being eaten in the end, so I've nothing to add here), promote the general welfare (ditto), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (such blessings as being able to eat candy hearts and Hot Tamalies in the same handful), do ordain and establish this [crystal bowl] for [my cousin's reception]."
Or at least I'm pretty sure that's what they were telling themselves. I mean, what business do hearts and Hot Tamalies have being around each other in the first place, let alone together? And no, it did not end Paul Harvey style - most people just picked around the hearts to get to the Hot Tamalies, much like one picks through mixed nuts just to pull out the cashews and peanuts (it was kinda fun to watch). Maybe there's a lesson to be learned here - you have to sift through a bunch of nuts to find the people you like.
Last note on this post (there will be more on my trip to Wyoming): I got board at the reception and decided that the next candied heart was befitting of my destiny - I pulled a nice piece out and read its inscription with anticipation of deep meaning: "SMIL " (the 'e' had worn off). Either it's telling me that I need to learn a Swedish computer language (thanks, Wikipedia), or there's some deeper meaning, waiting for me, its lone cipher, to break the mysteries of my future. So to everyone out there, I bid good day! And don't forget to smil !

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'll have plenty of time to breathe once I'm dead...

Ok, so I'm psycho. Like, mad psycho. Mad scary psycho. Why? Because I'm liking being in school again. I think moreso than I enjoyed the break, but I'm not sure yet. I've got some really interesting and cool classes lined up, Institute's back in full swing, and I see my friends everywhere around campus. Of course, none of this has any relation to the fact that I did, indeed, spend heaps of my Christmas Break on campus, with no one to talk to except my blog. And I'm busy again. It's so nice to be busy, especially when it's learning stuff like cool computer programs, animations, and Theroau, err, Thereou, err, Henry David T. I like what I do, what more can I say? Yes, the world sucks, but what else is new? So, my summary? What a great semester this will be! L'chaim!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wyoming: an acquired taste

Yeaaaay - another trip to Wyoming! I mean, if a state is audacious enough to have miles and miles of empty void, it's a state I can appreciate going through. Well, at 75mph. Expect more "Moroni" and "Ephraim" pictures. Maybe I'll get a new CD to listen to...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006