Monday, October 31, 2005


Hmmm...first post happening on Halloween, that's pretty sweet. So as long as I'm on the subject, Halloween rules based on the following:

1) It doesn't change when you get older. In the end, you have to be more thankful on Thanksgiving, you find out that the whole system lied to you on Christmas and Easter, and the 4th isn't just about cool and dangerous pyrotechnics. But Halloween is the same. Perhaps you don't get as much candy, but I've always managed to get candy I didn't pay for. And you still get to dress up just for the sake of dressing up. It's like the GameCube of holidays - uniform enjoyment.

2) Making fun of things that have the intention of being scary, but really aren't. That's why it's standard to ride the Terror-o-Ride, as well.

3) Appearances - I can dig a holiday that's all about messing with appearances. Of course, I like to think that there's some psycho out there that dresses for Halloween everyday of his life, but everyone sees it as acceptable around Halloween and think him to be normal. To you sir, thank you for letting us enter your dark, twisted realm for a while. Now leave, wretch - you're freakin' us out.

D) both A and C

E) all of the above